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Memoirs and Wine: Showcasing light and quality sound for the show business
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By Bamidele Adeleye
August 27, 2012 17:24:33pm GMT      |      Views: 797
Soda Pop Band, performing at the Median edition of Memoirs and Wine: A Touch of Class, by Solution Media at Federal Palace Hotel Lagos, on Friday 24 August 2012.

WorldStage Newsonline-- For the lovers of old musics, the Friday evening maiden edition of Memoirs and Wine: A Touch of Class, in Lagos was actually the right place to be.

The event, organised by Solution Media, a leading event management company in Africa, at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos actually lived up to its billing with attendance by business chiefs and many policy makers.

With a super demonstration of expertise in the use of lights and sound for entertainment on stage, the show featured Soda Pop band, a leading band from Philippine and Flame band from Kenya.

According to the organizer, “Memoirs and Wine is a celebration of the best memories of the yesteryears, creating a flashback of the past. An event where the audiences get to relax with wine and listen to their favorite songs of those years delivered with robe lights, laser effects, incredible sound, nivoflex stage and effects.”

Executive Director, Solution Media, Prince Adeyeloye Lipede described the event as first of its kind in the history of the organization.

He said tit was put together not just to bring back those favorites songs of the past, but to enable the world to see and know what Solution Media could do with light and sound quality.

He said, they decided to invite decision makers in corporate organizations and those into show businesses for them to see what the organization was capable of doing.

“What we want to showcase to the world is how light and quality sound can be used for the show business,” he said.

Lipede said the organization decided to invite two live bands because it had been discovered that people no longer listen to live bands like before.

“What is lacking thess days, and I am sure you will agree with me, people don’t listen to live band anymore. All we listen to is sound track. What we are saying is, let’s listen to music the way it used to be played years ago.

“We had the opportunity of washing Soda Pop performing and we say, let’s start from there. We have other Nigerian bands that can do the same if they can make themselves available for raisers. Those two bands have been in this country for raisers for the past ten days,” he said.

On Highlife music, he said “we still have some people that we can bring up to perform live. But we need to sit down and think, will people be willing to come and wash them? If we have people that will be interested in Highlife now, is either people in their 40s or 50s, not the young folks.”

He said the organization was working on an event that would bring together five Fuji musicians to perform on stage in November.

“We have started talking with the artists and they are exited about it,” he said.

Lipede who said he was a fan of Juju music lamented the rate at which the music is going down.

“I am a fan of Juju music I must tell you. My favorite Juju musicians of all time, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, but if you look at it very well, Juju music seems to be going down. We need to promote it to create that interest again,” he said.

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