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‘Forms in Africa’ art exhibition by an architect turned artist opens in Lagos
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By Bamidele Adeleye
August 15, 2012 16:47:22pm GMT      |      Views: 469
An artist, Bukky Toyin Ojukotola addressing the audience at the exhibition of her work, Forms in Africa at Yusulf Grillo Gallery, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos.

WorldStage Newsonline-- A female architect, Bukky Toyin Ojukotola is making a statement in her new profession as an artist with her work ‘Forms in Africa’ currently being exhibited at Yusulf Grillo Gallery, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos.

Speaking with our correspondent, Ojukotola said Forms in Africa, an exhibition of mixed media paintings, her first which is expected to run till August 24, 2012, “is about how we live, what we use and how we express ourselves in Africa.”

According to her, “It represents the way we live, what we use, and the language we speak, for instance in Africa, wherever you go, you must find a Calabash, in Ghana, Kenya, name it, we all use Calabash, though it may differ in shape or  form, but we all use it. All over Africa we festival, though Ghana festival may differ from that of Nigeria, but it is still festival.”

On her work and style she said, “I adopted mixed media because it gives me the leverage to explore my imagination that whirls with all sorts of ideas. I weave silk/wool mixed with other media such as beads, cowries, shells, match sticks, lacquered, glass, plastic, wood e.t.c   on a canvas as see in this exhibition,” she explained.

The graduate of architecture said, she studied the course in school to please her parents, adding that her passion had always been for the art.

“I went to study architecture because my parents wanted me to study a professional course. So when I finished school, I gave the result to my daddy and returned to my art work. Sitting in the office drawing plans is very boring to me,” she said.

Speaking with so much enthusiasm, she called on the established artists in the country to embrace and showcase the upcoming ones in the interest of the art industry.


On the competition in the industry, she said “the sky is big enough for all” and that she had market for her works.

“I am doing mixed media, I have market for works. You can’t see this anywhere. It is not common,” she said.

Ojukotola also called on the upcoming artists not to be discouraged, adding that “there is no crime in trying.”

“I heard a lot when starting. So many discouragements here and there. You just believe in yourself. For me, I know what I have.”

Mr. Adedeji Adeyoola, Principal Printer, Beach buck Interspace, Consultant de Beachduch Limited in his advice to the artist said she should not compete with anyone.


“Don’t try to compete, look at it as if you are coming from behind. Don’t see yourself there yet. Accept criticism and work on yourself. God helping you, sky is the limit,” he said.

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