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BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam holds in Lagos
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By Press Release
August 8, 2012 16:57:10pm GMT      |      Views: 335

Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry® smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets, said it will be hold a BlackBerry® 10 Mini Jam developer event in Lagos on August 14.

The BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam will provide Nigerian developers with the opportunity to learn more about the unique capabilities of BlackBerry® 10. The full-day schedule will provide insight into the BlackBerry 10 experience, architecture and tools that can help Nigerian developers be among the first from around the world who are creating apps for the new platform.

The event is being held at the CcHub lab as part of an agreement with RIM to support the BlackBerry developer community in Nigeria.  RIM is partnering with the CcHub to bring the BlackBerry Developer Program to Lagos, providing resources for developers, students and teachers that want to learn about mobile app development.

Waldi Wepener, Regional Director for East, West and Central Africa at RIM said “The BlackBerry platform provides significant opportunities for the developer community in Nigeria,” said Waldi Wepener, Regional Director for East, West and Central Africa at RIM. “There is high demand among developers to learn more about the tools for creating local services and apps on the BlackBerry platform, as well as a strong desire to reach the millions of BlackBerry customers around the world. By partnering locally with the CcHub, we aim to share resources and knowledge to create even more opportunity for Nigerian developers and to help create more jobs.”

CcHub is Nigeria’s first IT think-tank lab based in Lagos.  Its facility in Sabo, Yaba provides a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, technology companies, investors, developers and enthusiasts in and around Lagos to create new solutions that can help enhance the everyday life and work in Nigeria.

In addition to the BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam, RIM and CcHub will host a series of BlackBerry Developer Days throughout 2012. BlackBerry Developer Days provide information about developing for the BlackBerry Java® platform, as well as BlackBerry 10. The partnership will also see CcHub provide some additional week-long BlackBerry developer training sessions.

Bosun Tijani, one of CcHub’s founders said “RIM is the leading smartphone vendor in Nigeria and the popularity of its BlackBerry smartphones both here and around the world offer a great opportunity for our developer community. CcHub is excited to be working with RIM to facilitate the sharing of ideas and knowledge that support the future of mobile development in this country, one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world.”

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