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Memoirs of a Generation 2: I am dwelling on culture, social, economy and politics, says Chuka Nnabuife
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By Bamidele Adeleye
July 31, 2012 12:54:18pm GMT      |      Views: 885
The artist, Chuka Nnabuife at the opening of his exhibition, the Memoirs of a Generation 2, taking place at Quintessence Art Gallery, Falomo Shopping Centre, Ikoyi, lagos from Saturday July 28 to August 11, 2012.

WorldStage Newsonline-- Chuka Nnabuife is popularly known to be a journalist. But the art community and the general public will have a rare opportunity of seeing the other side of him from July 28 to August 11 when his art work, the Memoirs of a Generation 2, will be on exhibition  at Quintessence Art Gallery, Falomo Shopping Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The Memoirs of a Generation 2, (an exhibition of paintings, paints and drawings), the second edition in a series, after the first in 2008, is about changes in the social-political environment over the past two decades.

Chuka described the series as a concept, a way of explaining some trends he had spotted in Nigeria in the past two decades.

“I am dwelling on culture, social, economy and politics,” he said

“ For instance within the families, ‘Mama Cook’ a local restaurant, is now a family business. Now, you see men doing this business.

“Before, it was an agitation that women should be given equal place with men. One of my works, ‘Gender Takeover’ dwells more on this. We have some women who are more educated with three to four degrees. They are now occupying leadership positions in government, industries and homes. But you also find out that there is high rate of divorce within the family institution all around the world. We now have very high number of women who don’t know how to cook. We begin to wonder, is this what we want to achieve because we want women to be educated?”

He also spoke on the trends in the worship places; palace, security situation and communal market in the country over the past 20 years, which he said were changing faster, adding that, “some of them are good while some are bad.”

According to him, “a prophet who only sees doom is not a complete prophet. Live is full of ups and downs.”

On how he was able to combine journalism with art work, he said they are all of same faculty, adding that it would be wrong of him to kill his art for journalism.

The Deputy Director/Head, National Council for Art and Culture (NCAC) Zonal Office, Lagos, Mrs. Chinwe Abara who spoke at the official opening of the Memoirs of a Generation 2, described the artist  as a great writer, social commentator and a vibrant journalist, adding that painting is another aspect of him that is showing how gifted and dynamic he is.

She said, “There is a difference in his work. His work cuts across the geo- political zones in the country. His work carries a lot of meanings.  I know him as somebody who thinks before he writes.”

She advised the artist to keep up the good work, hoping to see more of him in future.

“He should keep it up. I understand the last time he did something like this was about four years ago. He should not wait for another four years again. We want to see more of this. He should take it elsewhere, he should take it around other cities like Abuja,” she said.


Abara also called on the upcoming artists in Nigeria to be patient if they must rip the benefits of their labour and make impart in the industry.

Saying Rome was not built in a day, she encouraged young artists to produce less work when they are starting so that art collectors will not take advantage of them by offering low prices for their works.

Chukka, the Deputy Daily Editor of Nigerian Compass newspaper had his first exhibition in 1992. He has promised to continue to give back to the society what God has endowed him with for the good of man.

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