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Child star Benita Okojie to return with new album, says, am not going to sing Hip pop
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By Bamidele Adeleye
July 16, 2012 17:19:15pm GMT      |      Views: 2270
Benita Okojie

WorldStage Newsonline-- One of Nigerian finest gospel artist, Benita Okojie who has been singing even as early as eight years, has promised to storm the stage with a new album, “New Single”.

The Edo born artist who is now a brand Ambassador and also the Face of Edo State had refused to roll out a new album since the launch of the last series of her Child of God, which has her popular song ‘We Ose’ in 2009.

She said, “It was quite deliberate, I have been a corp member, I have to do my one year youth service. It was a good experience for me. All those years, I have been learning so many things about music and about myself. In that four years of silence, let me say I have just been working on myself trying to build myself, emotionally and in other areas,” she said.

Benita who is now a graduate of English Language said she is currently working on couple of things before releasing her new album which she titled New Single.

According to her, “the previous album did very well, especially the one that has We Ose. It won a lot of awards that brought us to the eyes of the people all over the world. As a traditional song, it attracted a lot of people regardless of their location and culture. A lot of people could actually feel the song and I am excited about that”.

She said the challenge she had then was how to get the songs across to people around the world, adding that now with the new technology in place, that shouldn’t be problem anymore.

“I got a lot of messages, email from Portugal that they loved and wanted the songs. I am looking for ways we can send all these songs to people, even the non Nigerians, even people that don’t understand them. I have come to realise that music is a universal language. People don’t need to understand what you are singing as long as they can feel what you feel when you sing. We are working on that,” she said.

“First, we are going to promote the previous album, the one that came out in 2009, because I don’t think we did a lot of promotion on that before. We have to push that and then work on new one.”

Benita who is more of an inspiration to the growing children said she felt very great about it, stressing that, “I have had a lot of people saying Benita influenced me and that makes feel very good.

“As child star, I had the attention of the world.  I recently told my mum that if I decided to get married, everyone is going to see it as their business because, they saw me grow and I just kept growing. I feel fantastic. I could never have come that time when I came into the music industry. It was just perfect. It makes me learn a lot; it makes me venerable to the world and I think it was God pushing me at that particular time,” she said.


On what has kept her up till now, she said, “God has been the major factor. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I had a lot of sleepless nights. It was really challenging. I was very young. I didn’t know what was going on. I will be somewhere and people would be calling my name. It was quite ridiculous. And then I had my parents 24 hours, they were there for me. I could call them at any time. It was a great feeling. I have a very supportive family; I have a circle of friends that I also surrounded myself with. I have grown to be a better person. I couldn’t have been able to manage it better if I don’t have the fantastic parents that I have, the relationship that I have with God”.

On the Music industry, she said, “we have a lot of hypocrisy, people who might have a lot of questionable songs” adding that now that she is older she could see the industry getting there.

Benita who doesn’t see anything wrong with circular songs emphasized that what was important is the message the song is trying to pass across.

“I am a young person. I know what the youth want. We could do a lot of adventure, am not going to sing Hip pop; it’s just one of out of many. I think whatever the type of music you are singing, as far they are able to pass a message across, I am ok. It doesn’t matter how. There are so many people who are not doing Hip pop but they are passing message across. People can listen to you and feel what you feel. I think that is the most important thing,” she said.

Benita who is currently developing herself said might in future venture into other activities like stage play, creative writing broadcasting etc.

“I just realize that I like to talk a lot, so I think it’s an area I can also explore. My sister is already working in a radio station, and I can see the way she has been growing over the years, and I think I can learn a lot from her. A little of everything,” she said.

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