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Pampers sponsors 7 Nigerian doctors for overseas training
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By Press Release
May 24, 2012 15:48:08pm GMT      |      Views: 1541
Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble’s Pampers brand, has announced that it is set to sponsor seven Nigerian pediatric doctors to the United States of America (USA) for observership and research scholar programs.

The program is part of a partnership between the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) and Pampers – with an objective of contributing towards improvement in the healthy development of infants and children worldwide.

Six pediatricians will benefit from the ‘observership scholarships’ while one would take part in the research program. The programs would enable these doctors travel to Cincinnati to share knowledge on medical advances and administrative innovations at the Cincinnati Children’s and other hospital institutions in the surrounding area. The beneficiaries of this program would be selected from hospitals across Nigeria through collaboration between CCHMC and PAN.

P&G West Africa’s Associate Marketing Director for Baby Care, Jaweria Ali commented on the sponsorship saying, “Pampers is committed to advancing the happy, healthy development of infants and children; this is why the brand entered into this partnership. By giving these seven Nigerian doctors the opportunity to enhance their medical expertise through the research and observership programs in CCHMC, Pampers would be helping Nigerian children have access to even better health care.”

The Head of External Relations for Procter and Gamble West Africa, Mrs. Temitope Iluyemi commented on the program saying, “As a company we are inspired by our purpose to ‘Touch and Improve lives.’ Procter and Gamble recognizes there are several challenges that face the Nigerian child today and it is focused on programs that help improve life for the Nigerian child and that contribute to the attainment of the ‘Millennium Development Goal’s.”

“This program, aimed at nurturing child health and development provides an excellent platform for the transfer of global best practices in child health care and management from CCHMC - to the benefit of the Nigerian child.” This is also just one of the ways Procter and Gamble on the platform of Pampers® is helping to develop human capital in the country.”

Dr. Agozie Ubesie, the pediatrician selected for the research program said of the opportunity “I feel highly honored to have been nominated to participate in this Pampers sponsored research program. It is indeed a great privilege and I'm very thankful to God and Pampers for this opportunity. Pampers is a household name with unique brands that have transformed child care across the world.”

“They have contributed immensely to hygienic care of children, further demonstrating that by tackling the determinants of health, we can reduce the burden of childhood infectious diseases. Pampers has also lived up to her corporate social responsibility. I hope to come back from the program and help in building the clinical practice of pediatric gastro-enterology in Nigeria. I also expect further capacity building in area of clinical research and to be able to design and carry out research works that are in line with international best practices.

Dr Ubezie’s remarked that Paediatric medicine in Nigeria has come a long way. “The numbers of Paediatricians in Nigeria are still insufficient to meet the need of the country. Beyond general Paediatrics though, sub-specialties are being developed but a lot still needs to be done. This is an area that programs of this nature can make huge positive impact on.”

According to Professor Adekunle Dawodu, the CCHMC Coordinator of the program, “The partnership was borne of a shared vision by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) and Pampers to contribute to improvement in the healthy development of infants and children worldwide. Cincinnati Children’s is one of the top pediatric hospitals and child health research institutions in the United States and has produced some of the most renowned pediatric research scientists, including Dr. Albert Sabin, discoverer of the oral polio vaccine. The partnership program began in July 2004 with an educational grant from Pampers. The third phase of the program began in spring 2011 with the expansion of the scholarship and observership programs to mid-career researchers and physicians in other countries where the Pampers brand is sold, including Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan and Nigeria.”

The program has succeeded on many levels, says Professor Adekunle Dawodu. In addition to the significant scholarly activities and professional advancement, the previous scholars and observers have contributed to the strong relationships formed between CCHMC and many maternity and children’s hospitals in host countries to enhance health care delivery and hospital operations.

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