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By Joe Iniodu-- Anyone who ever doubted if the blessings of God abound in Akwa Ibom State must be confronted with a compelling need to review that position after witnessing the miracle that was wrought upon the Akwa United/Niger Tornadoes pulsating encou... Full Article

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By Jerome-Mario Utomi-- To describe Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi  Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State as a ‘political warlord’ as well as a ‘Political Bishop” when it comes t... Full Article

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By Habeeb Isiaka-- The year 1970 represents hope and stability in the history of Nigeria. It was the year that marked the end of the civil war, after several millions of people have lost their lives and p... Full Article

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By Fegalo Nsuke-- Agitations for a fair and just system in Nigeria is increasingly becoming a threat to the country's stability. This is  largely because the leadership appear to turn blind eyes to t... Full Article

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By Jerome-Mario Utomi-- In  one of the most celebrated media related trials in the United States Of  America(USA), the trial Judge, Justice Lewis Powell, of the United States Supreme Court remar... Full Article

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By Jerome-Mario Utomi-- One remarkable character of ours as a nation is that we have a very unique but subtle way of 'glocalizing' global terms, policies, treaties, and international covenants. I have at ... Full Article

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