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By Funke Osae-Brown-- Towards the end of January this year, I got an invitation to be in South Africa on the 1st of March, 2017 to experience the new BMW 5 Series. It was an event I had looked forward to considering my love for fast cars and the kind of ... Full Article

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By Pastor Sunday Adelaja-- Since my secondary school days in the eighties, I kept on hearing statements like the Nigerian economy is 75% dependent on oil. This famous cliché about the Nigerian econ... Full Article

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What do the people of Southern Cameroons want?


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By Ogbonna Nwuke-- The Gambia shouldn't be at the centre of global attention. But it is. Thanks to the intransigence of a man who has been in power for too long, the tiny African country is in the spotlig... Full Article

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By Colonel Sagir Musa-- In line with the constitutional mandate of the Nigerian Army to assist civil authority when directed, the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Tukur Buratai proactively appraised the myriad ... Full Article

January 13, 2017 00:59:59am
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By Sunday Adelaja-- On the other hand, let me show you a picture of another country. In Switzerland and generally all over Europe, there is nothing to celebrate when a man brings to the police a purse or ... Full Article

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