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By Alhaji Kayode Maja-- It is with delight and pleasure that I put to pen my thought on Maigida's the 1st year of his second term in office and the reason are very visible to the eyes for all to see, we couldn't have prayed for a better prudent and resou... Full Article

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By Hon Rotimi Mikail Makinde-- For a fact, the centrality of the traditional institutions at its apex, the Obaship is of profound importance in the entire Yorubaland not just in Ife. The Yorubas revere th... Full Article

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By Dr. Olapade Agoro-- It is on record globally that most of those who started wars particularly senseless ones, either never lived to see the end of those wars and or were unable to see the end of the wa... Full Article

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By Undung Pam-- The Nigerian political environment is largely toxic and not many who have served as public officers, especially in positions of authority and influence, come out without a stain on their r... Full Article

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“If you keep quiet because Fulani herdsmen are not killing your family, by the time it gets to your turn, there may be no one to talk for you.” – Reno Omokri

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May 1, 2016 12:58:54pm
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By Yushau a. Shuaib-- On December 12, 2015, my phone displayed missed calls from the Army Spokesperson, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman. Such missed calls from security spokespersons, can signify ‘fire... Full Article

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