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Mobile Innovation Awards debut in Nigeria
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By Press Release
August 11, 2012 20:26:47pm GMT      |      Views: 153
Telecoms equipment

Following the second success of MobileWorld Ghana Telecom Awards held in Ghana in April 2012, MobileWorld Magazine has launched the Mobile Innovation Awards (MIA 2012) to celebrate excellence in the mobile sector and related industries in Nigeria.

The awards come at an apt moment, when the Nigerian mobile industry is going through an “innovation metamorphosis”.

“Today, Nigeria is not only an investment haven for investors but also emerging as a testing ground for product innovations”, pointed out Mr Naphtal, Group Executive Publisher of MobileWorld.

Mobile Innovation Awards has been created to promote excellence in Mobile technology in Nigeria and recognize the achievements and accomplishments in the telecoms industry. The awards will bring the spotlight to the mobile operators, VAS providers, ICT companies and banks pushing boundaries and shaping the industry.

The Awards will focus on the contribution of individuals, organisations, projects and technologies that have excelled in the use, development and deployment of exceptional products and services in the mobile space.

With over 200 guests billed to attend, the Awards night offers a unique opportunity for industry leading personalities to network with peers and celebrate the achievements of the telecoms sector in improving the Socio-economic development of Nigeria

The mobile revolution has triumphed in Nigeria, and now needs regular and industry‐driven peer-acknowledged awards to highlight the best successes and point the way towards the future said Mr. Akin Naphtal.

The MI Awards acknowledges Nigeria as a key hub of the world’s mobile & telecoms market in terms of penetration and innovation, and promotes the best of mobile-based implementations in the continent


·  Phone of the Year

· Wholesales Carrier of the Year

·  Telecom Equipment Vendor of the Year

·Customer Service Provider of the Year

·  Mobile Operator of the Year

·  Infrastructure Company of the Year

·  Software Company of the year

·  Business Service of the Year

· Mobile Money Service of the Year

· Innovative mobile product of the year

·   Mobile Solutions provider of the year

· CDMA Operator of the year

· Best Bank in IT

·Telecom CSR of the year

·  Telecom Brand of the Year

·  ISP provider of the year

·  ICT Company of the year

·  ICT supporting Company of the Year

·  Telecom CEO of the Year


● Special Recognition to the ICT Industry

●  Women in Technology Award

●  Lifetime Achievement Award

● Telecom Hall of Fame Award

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