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Mimiko campaign organization alleges purchase of voters’ cards by opposition
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By Staff Reporter
August 5, 2012 16:07:25pm GMT      |      Views: 517

WorldStage Newsonline-- Ahead of the October 20 Governorship election in Ondo State, the Olusegun Mimiko Campaign Organisation on Sunday raised alarm over massive purchase of Voters’ Cards by the opposition from unsuspecting people in the State.

The Organisation while making this disclosure in a release by its Director of Publicity, Mr. Kolawole Olabisi decried what it termed a surreptitious attempt by the opposition to rig the forthcoming election, whittle down the expected massive re-election of the incumbent Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko by the dastard act.

According to him, “the Olusegun Mimiko Campaign Organisation has uncovered massive mob up of voters’ cards by the opposition from unsuspecting members of the populace who are now being lured with financial inducement of between N5, 000 and N10, 000 in their desperation to win the forthcoming election at all cost when it has become crystal clear that they could not win in a free and fair election.

“This is another of their darned plan, part of which is to visit on the State an unprecedented level of violence as they did recently in several areas of the State. When they realised that this would not work owing to the vigilance of the law enforcement agencies and our resolve not to be drawn into their orgy of violence which was obviously meant to provoke us into retaliation, they have resorted to buying of Voters Cards from the electorate”.

The Organisation therefore called on the electorate to be wary of this latest development and shun their entreaties and their tarnished lucre saying that their Voters’ cards were their power and one which they must hold unto at all cost.

“we appeal to our people not to be cajoled into parting with their Voters cards for whatever reasons, your Voters cards is your power; one which you will use to vote on the day of election for your preferred candidate, Dr Olusegun Mimiko who has turned around the fortunes of Ondo State for good. You must not part with your cards and you must guard it jealously as it is your power to ensure that the on-going good works in Ondo state continues.

“Today, as a people, we can now say yes, and emphatically too, that we are from Ondo State, a real place of pride as opposed to what used to be the case because in the last three and half years, Dr Olusegun Mimiko has changed the face, the fortunes and the character of the State to one comparable to any in the world. Ondo State has become a model of sorts in Nigeria and Africa in so such a short time”, Olabisi stated adding:

“And for those who were never part of us; those who want to lead us into second slavery in this 21st Century; those who wasted our resources on frivolous projects which were only seen on television stations and on pages of newspapers but never in reality, have mapped our this desperate measure from their bags of mischief and deceit to hoodwink our people with their tarnished naira notes.

“The Victory of Comrade Governor, Adams Oshiomhole in Edo has proven to the election riggers of yore that the vote of the people now counts and that performance, not god fatherism, ballot boxes snatching, stuffing or intimidation of voters as it were in the past, is now the yardstick for electoral victory.

“So buying of Voters’ Cards for whatever reasons by these unscrupulous politicians was a way to stem our victory which by the Grace of God is sure. But we wish to remind them that as it was in Edo State, so shall it be in Ondo State because the people have seen and they have acclaimed that Comrade Governor Olusegun Mimiko has performed and no amount of Voters’ cards buying or intimidation can change the resolution of the people to vote for their performing Governor for a second term in office come October 20th this year.”

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