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Ondo LP replies ACN on alleged disruption of meeting, wants probe by Police
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By Press Release
July 22, 2012 11:22:07am GMT      |      Views: 633

The Ondo State Chapter of the Labour Party (LP) at the weekend described the allegations by the opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) that its loyalists disrupted the party’s Elders' Forum in Akure ,the state capital last week, as a false alarm over.

LP in a statement issued by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Koye Odogiyan, the ruling party described the allegation as not only laughable, but one made by the ACN to grab cheap attention for obvious political reasons.

It noted that the entire scenario smacks of surreptitious attempt to seek attention by pinning a spurious allegation on the LP.

He insisted that the people of the state were too savvy to fall for such old tricks

His words: “While we are at loss by what the ACN intends to gain by their wolf cry that we sent people to disrupt their so-called elders meeting last weekend, it is crystal clear that they have begun the process of pinning their imminent failure in the forthcoming polls by October 20 on us. We had in the past week raised an alarm to the whole world of their desperation to foment trouble, including assassination and surreptitiously pin it on the Labour Party in their bid to garner sympathy from the people.

``But we are gratified by the continued show of solidarity by the good people of Ondo State for the Dr Olusegun Mimiko led government which has continued to make Ondo State a cynosure of all eyes, an oasis of sorts in a dessert, now frequented by all. And, given our antecedent in LP and as a government, we are known for peaceful co-existence with other political parties until the ACN came up with their do-or-die politics of their phantom South-Western integration and insist that at all cost, Ondo State must fall to their rampaging army of occupation!

``This they started this with their infamous takeover of  late Pa Adebayo Adefarati’s anniversary earlier in the year when they unleashed mayhem on guests only to pin it on the ruling Labour Party (LP) in Ondo State. What a cheap propaganda and it will not fly in Ondo State. Never again will we be ruled by foreigners who neither know us nor love us but are merely interested in our collective wealth!

``The latest phantom allegation therefore fits squarely into their dastardly plan which is borne out of their desperation to rape our collective commonwealth and annex Ondo State to their treasure throve.

``While we wish to draw the attention of the good people of Ondo State to this new but dangerous trend in the annals of our State by those who were never part of us but who, out of their desperation to add Ondo State to their already flagging empire, are pretending to be saints with their poisoned chalice, we call for vigilance on the part of our people just like what our neighbours in Edo State did last weekend when they chased away the Goliaths in their midst.”

The LP while calling on the men of the State Police Command to investigate the allegation and bring out the real culprits and make them face the full wrath of the law stated: ``we are sure that if the incident actually happened, it must have been a planned one meant to tarnish our reputation because they know that in a free and fair election, they stand no chance at all. But by the special grace of God, every evil machination targeted at Ondo State and the people by those who want to plunder, rape and annex our God-given resources will not stand. In God we trust, `` Odogiyan stated.

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