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Mindshift: A book on mind renewal in Africa unveiled in Lagos
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By Bamidele Adeleye
December 4, 2017 08:45:13am GMT      |      Views: 475
R-L: Author of Mindshift, Mr. Omololu Ogunmade; President Million Dollars Business Club, Mr. Ugo Omeogu and Mrs Laide Ogunmade and her husband/author’s brother, Mr Funmi Ogunmade at the launch of the Mindshift in Lagos.

WorldStage Newsonline-- Mindshift, a book written to create and sustain mind renewal among Africans has been launched in Lagos.

The book authored by a great thinker, Mr. Omololu Ogunmade is aimed at inspiring Africans to question things around them; destroy every impediments to mind shift such as religion and tribe which are hindering development in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Reviewing the book, an editorial staff of Thisday Newspaper, Mr. Nseobong Okon-Ekong spoke about his experience with a graduate of English Language and International Relations who saw Pidgin English as an improper language based on what she was told by her teachers in school. He cited how the same language has become a huge media money-making enterprise with the establishment of Wazobia Fm, an FM radio broadcasting with Pidgin English in Lagos.

Okong-Ekong who identified failure of Africans to question things around them as the greatest impediment to Mind shift in Africa called on Africans, particularly Nigerians to examine and cross-examine what they do not understand again and again through thorough analytical processes which he said could take years and arduous efforts.

According to him, “Perhaps, the greatest impediment to MINDSHIFT in Africa is the failure of the African to question things. We simply do not raise queries. Very often, the mind of the African is still caged in that primitive era. Instead of examining and cross-examining what we do not understand again and again through thorough analytical processes which may take years and arduous efforts, we take the simplistic route of deifying the object or phenomenon. How do I know? It is simple, of the top-ranking seven poorest countries in the world; the first six are African countries-Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Liberia, Eritrea and Niger. At number seven is Afghanistan. The reason is not far-fetched. These are also the least educated countries in the world. Again, let’s look at the list-Burkina Faso 21.8%, South Sudan 24.4%, Chad 25.7%, Niger 28.7%, Guinea 29.5%, Benin 34.7%, Sierra Leone 34.*%, Ethiopia 53.9%, Mozambique 38.7% and Senegal 39.9%. When you break this data down further, you will find that women are more discriminated against in these societies that are largely still very traditional.

“Nigeria is not looking good on this score. According to a 2015 UNESCO report, over 50 percent or 60 million Nigerians are illiterate. The most worrisome part is that over 10 million children are out of school. Again, when you examine that report further, you will find that the North-East and the North-West constitute a large percentage of this number. Do we still wonder why we have insurgency in the north east, when the gang that rallied people to insurgency claims that Western education is a taboo? And nobody questions it. These are societies where children are giving birth to children. Child marriage is the order of the day. This criminal act is hidden under religion. The truth is that in predominantly Moslem countries like Tunisia, women are educated and treated with the utmost respect.”

The book reviewer identified inability to think right or think positively as one of the major challenges facing the African leaders. He urged African leaders to take a cue from Rewanda that has been able to relegate tribe to enhance unity after the ugly incident of genocide in the country.

“Rwanda is one African country that continues to put the continent in good light in recent years. Sixty four percent of the country’s legislature is occupied by women. That is the highest in the world! For once, there is something positive to say about Africa. There is a MINDSHIFT in Rwanda. However, the greatest MINDSHIFT recorded in Rwanda is the resolve of the people to confront their heinous past and to declare that the ugly spectacle of genocide will never happen again. So, they have relegated tribe. A Rwandan is a Rwandan. No more Tutsi. No more Hutu,” he said.

 He noted that Africa cannot continue to hold up excuses for the backwardness of the continent and her people. He said Africa according to page 28 of the book must “Master the system, that is, take enough experience and expertise from the system and use these in collaboration with other parameters as assets to exploit the same system for personal achievements and freedom.”

He urged everyone to read the book, particularly the Chapter 4 to renew their mind.

“ If the chapter 4 is all you can read in this book, you would have done yourself a world of good, because this is where questions are raised on perception, unbelief, an unforgiving mindset, the perfectionist disposition, the class or status victim, the education victim, the poverty victim, the health victim and the other picture. Whether you see yourself in one, two or all of these situations, the remedy is within reach: SHIFT YOUR MIND,” he said.

Chairman of the event, Barrister Osahon Idemudia who described the book as amazing advised Nigerians to always apply their thinking ability and stop using religion as an excuse to what they are supposed to do.

Mr. Ugo Omeogu, a business expert and President Million Dollars Business Club said he was amazed that such a great book could be written by a Nigerian.

He encouraged Nigerians to read books to develop themselves. He also called on the government to focus on building minds and not only infrastructure in the country.

“If you build infrastructure without building the mind of the people, the people without mind will destroy the infrastructure, “ Omeogu stated.

The author, Mr. Ogunmade in his opening remarks said he was thinking of what to share with his congregation in the church when the idea of Mindshift came few years ago. He urged everyone to read the book to renew their mind and transform their world.

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