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Nigeria: TCN installs quad line for 2,400MW to boost power supply to South East
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By Joseph Udo
October 13, 2017 02:38:07am GMT      |      Views: 603
Power transmission line

WorldStage Newsonline-- The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) said it is putting a quad line of 2,400Mega Watts (MW) for the 330Kv transmission line in Alaoji, Onitsha to boost power supply to the South East part of the country.

Coming on the heels of the allegation that most of the companies projects are concentrated in the Northern Nigeria with little or nothing to show in the South-East, the Interim Managing Director, Usman Gur Mohammed, noted that the company was implementing project for transmitting electricity from New Heaven to Enugu in order to supply power from Afam and Aloaji plants that will be evacuated through Ikot Ekpene, to Ugwaji, Enugu and then to Onitsha.

Speaking in Owerri during the 20th Power Sector Stakeholder Ministerial Meeting, Mohammed explained that "Transmission has interface all over the country and we are doing projects all over the country. Our project is not centered in a particular area. If you look at the Islamic Development Bank project which is financing the Nigerian Transmission expansion project, it is an intervention to solve transmission line constraints in three places.

"And those three places are Delta to Benin, Afam to Alaoji and Kaduna to Kano. So this is one of the reasons when I came here we visited the location where that transmission line is. And we have seen and we are planning how we are going to do it. "Because we have to do the Alaoji, Onitsha transmission line and what we are putting now is called quad line for the 330KV transmission. This is the first time we are putting a quad line, which will have the capacity of 2,400MW."

He said the Nigeria Transmission Access projects, which the World Bank is financing, is putting transmission capacity all over the South East and also in Port Harcourt and part of the South South.

He explained that the quad line implies that it will be four lines, which has become necessary owing to the anticipated high volume of power generation that is expected to be evacuated around the zone.

He said TCN was using in-house capacity to install transformers, noting that before the end of this week, 60MVA will be commissioned in Aba and that the company had commissioned a 150MVA in Afam with in-house capacity.

Before the end of this year, he said, TCN expects "2/60MvA will be commissioned in New Heaven. So these are some of the things we are doing in the South East."

The Interim Managing Director said that transmission capacity is supposed to be double that of generation while the distribution has twice the capacity of the transmission company.

But in Nigeria, he said that both generation and transmission are of equal capacity, which has resulted in the transmission expansion.

Following the transmission gap, he said the TCN requested financial assistance from multi-lateral donor that had provided $1.55billion for the purpose.

However, he noted that the fund was already spent on transformer expansion throughout the country.

"Hopefully in the next three to four years, we are going to put enough capacity that will be twice the capacity of generation. That is what we are working on," he said.

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