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Kaduna gets N216b budget proposal for 2018
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By Joseph Udo
October 12, 2017 18:13:45pm GMT      |      Views: 397

WorldStage Newsonline-- Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State has presented 2018 budget of N216.55 billion christened, 'budget of consolidation' to the State House of Assembly to speedy passage into law.

el-Rufai said it was structured to complete the ongoing and other projects the government was undertaking.

He said in keeping with the tradition of the government, the budget  maintained  a priority for capital projects with a vote of representing  60.54%,while the recurrent expenditure was N85,440,998,051.95 representing 39.46%.

He said  the capital to recurrent ratio is consistent with our agenda to spend more on the people than on running government.

The goverbor said, "The 2018 revenue and expenditure estimates are based on a robust medium-term expenditure framework (MTEF) which assumes a $42 benchmark price for oil at production levels of 1.8 million barrels per day, 17.5% inflation, 1.9% projected real GDP growth and an exchange rate of N305 to a Dollar."  

He said that at N51.4bn, Education, Health and Social Development take 39.2% of the N131.1bn capital budget.  Education takes 25% at N33bn, while Health takes N17bn (12%) of capital

He noted that to fix the inherited dilapidated schools would require about N60bn, and that the album of decayed schools the government produced had helped them to show the development partners the scale of investments required.

El-Rufai said  it was that discussion that led to the decision of the World Bank to grant Kaduna State a budget support facility of $350m.

According to el-Rufai,  the state will begin accessing the funds once the National Assembly approves the Federal Government’s 2017 borrowing plan. 

He said the 2018 budget prioritises the completion of projects started in the 2017 budget.

"We shall be prioritising completion of these projects in the coming year. We are in a time of consolidation, and the budget reflects this thrust.  Development is a continuum, and we are firmly building on the foundations we have laid in the preceding years,” he said.

"As at mid-2017, there were 443km of township roads and 16 intercity roads with a distance of 414.8km at various stages of completion. In addition, 17 rural feeder roads with distance of 172 km are being constructed. We campaigned vigorously against the poor state of public schools.

"There are many schools being rebuilt, hospitals being upgraded and equipped, water works being refitted, rehabilitation centres being fixed. We are very proud to have initiated these projects in the interest of our people. And we have been clearheaded enough to take on inherited projects that we consider feasible and viable.

"The Kaduna State Government will stay focused on delivering on our promises. We shall not relent in promoting development and progress for the people who have invested their hope in us."

Speaker of the state assembly, Aminu Shagali while commending the governor for his timely presentation, he and his colleagues would scrutinized the draft budget for quick passage into law. 

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