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Nigeria: Power plants from ExxonMobil, others underway, as NDPHC gets nod to sell Omotosho, Geregu, Calabar plants
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By Joseph Udo
October 10, 2017 17:26:28pm GMT      |      Views: 1433
Power transmission line

WorldStage Newsonline-- The Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) has confirmed plans for the construction of power plants ExxonMobil and other firms in Nigeria, saying the stage is set to mobilize the contractors to sight.

NDPHC which is responsible for projects under the Nigeria Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) said it had secured procurement approval for the power projects from the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).

Its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chinedu Ugbo told reporters during the 20th Power Sector Stakeholders' meeting in Owerri that: "More power plants are coming like the ExxonMobil power plant and a number of other plants being conceived along that corridor.

"We have received all the approvals we needed from government including the Bureau of Public Procurement so the next stage now will be to mobilize the contractors to site and we are going to do that a few days from now. So that they will go back to site.

"The government of Akwa-Ibom State working with us has helped us to resolve the right of way issue and we will soon again stat the payment of compensation so that the communities can allow us to pass and construct the lines."

Ugbo also noted that the NDPHC had received approval from the Federal Government to commence the sale of Omotoso, Geregu and Calabar power plants.

Discussions on the sale, according to him, have already reached advanced stage and the sale would have been closed by now except for market liquidity challenges.

He said that government was doing everything in its power to resolve whatever that would hinder the private sector from taking over the power plants.

According to him, all the 10 power plants are billed for sale to the private sector and He once the company gets the necessary approval it will conclude the sale of the plants.

He said: "National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) the mandate is to build and sell. It is a project company. The sale will affect the 10 power plants ultimately but right now we have received approval to start with three: that is Calabar Geregu, and Omotosho .

"Discussions have advanced. Except for the market issues, the liquidity problems in the market.  We would have closed by now. But we are doing everything possible to resolve that. Government, the Hon. Minister, the Vice President are working in the mandate of the president, we trying to resolve all the issues that would impinge the private sector coming in.

"So as soon as they are resolved, strategies are being provided offers are being offered and we are working on that. So once we get the necessary approval we will close the sale."

The Managing Director said the contractors Enagu which “is handling the 330KV sub-station and the turn-in, turnout is already procuring the transformers.”

He added that the 132kV line extension was being done by Pivot Engineering, which :is now implementing the civil works while it procures the materials from its foreign manufacturers.”

He noted that the company was executing projects at Okija, Ihiala, Nnewi adding that the foundation of the line from Ihiala to Nnewi had been done by the contractor - North China.

"We are at the procurement stage for the materials for the towers, so that once they are are done they build the tower and build the stretching to the sub-station at Nwewi which is being built directly by TCN," he said and that work  had progressed substantially with the hope to commission it on schedule .

In the South South, he said that Afam, Ikot-Ekpene line was progressing, although the project was vandalized, it would soon be completed on scheduled.

"One line that is outstanding is the Ikot-Ekpene, Ikot-Abasi line which will help the evacuation of the existing power plants. At least that is a bumper," he said.

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