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Nigeria’s business climate is one of the harshest for Airlines in the world - Air Peace boss
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By Edo Dogwu
October 4, 2017 02:57:47am GMT      |      Views: 620
Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos

WorldStage Newsonline-- Chairman of Air Peace Limited, Mr. Allen Onyema has lamented that the few operating airlines in the Nigeria are already strained to the point of collapsing as they operate under one of the harshest business climate in the world.

Speaking in Benin City while presenting a paper at the quarterly round table of Lawyers in the Media forum, he said that it was unfair for regulatory bodies to mandate airlines alone compensate and assist passengers in the event of flight delay, cancellation and baggage mishandling.

He said the regulation ignored critical problem of why delays, cancellations, pilferage and destruction of luggage happen and that any initiatives to address flight delays and cancellations should get the buy-in of everyone connected with the aviation industry.

He noted that consumer protection regulations in the aviation industry tend to concentrate on defending the passengers rather than forging a partnership between consumers and the aviation industry to boost consumer confidence, encourage competition and broaden air connectivity.

"It is fundamental that government, regulators and members of the flying public appreciate the urgent need to strike a balance between protecting consumer rights and ensuring sustainable flight services. Justice is no longer a one-way traffic,” he said.

Chairperson of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) in the Media Forum, Ms. Theodora Kio-Lawson, said the aim of the forum was to inject the driving process that will encourage lawyers in the media on the need of promoting peace, stability and disseminate vital information for the benefit of the society.

She stated that the forum hoped to create the needed change in the society with the relationship between lawyers and the media in view of the global spread of news and information.

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