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Lagos Assembly proposes new Bill to strengthen Yoruba language
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By Benson Akomo
September 29, 2017 03:11:43am GMT      |      Views: 1075
Lagos, Nigeria

WorldStage Newsonline-- Lagos State House of Assembly has proposed a new Bill to strengthen the use of Yoruba language in all primary and secondary schools in the state.

Plans for the Bill entitled, "A Bill for a Law To Provide for the Preservation and Promotion of the Use of Yoruba Language and for Connected Purposes" was revealed during plenary Thursday by the Chairman of the House Committee on Education, Hon. Olanrewaju Ogunyemi

According to the Bill, which had passed second reading, it would be compulsory for all primary and secondary schools in the state to include teaching of Yoruba language as a core subject at all levels.

The bill also provides that all the laws in the state would be translated into Yoruba language.

More so, all state- owned tertiary institutions are to incorporate the use of Yoruba Language in the General Studies (GNS) courses.

According to the bill, "The use of Yoruba language shall be an acceptable means of communication between individuals, establishment, corporate entities and government in the state if so desired by the concerned.

"It shall not be an offence for a person to speak Yoruba language by the state government."

It was added that any school that fails to comply with the provisions of Section 2 of the law commits an offence and is liable on first violation to issuance of warning and on subsequent violation be closed down and also pay a fine of N500,000.

Ogunyemi later told journalists that the committee might change a provision in the bill that it would take effect after two years of its passage as most of the members wanted it to start immediately after it is signed into law by the Governor.

The lawmaker added that the Lagos State House of Assembly was passionate about Yoruba language, which was why it adopted the language for plenary on Thursdays.

According to him, "the National Policy on Education provides that the language of an environment should be spoken in schools, which is why Yoruba language is being adopted in Lagos schools.

"After the passage of the bill into law, it would become compelling for schools to speak Yoruba language. We want to preserve the language for generations yet unborn."

On private schools, the lawmaker stated that they were part of the foundation of the bill and that they were at meetings the committee held across the education districts in the state.

He added that the private schools would have no choice than to key into the project as the school owners have been properly mobilised and that the state Ministry of Education would ensure compliance.

On the translation of the laws into Yoruba language, Ogunyemi said that this was to ensure that illiterates were taking along in the scheme of things in the state.

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