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Nigeria: Inter Party Advisory Council seeks laws on party supremacy
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By Theo Adegoke
February 9, 2017 00:34:32am GMT      |      Views: 7144

WorldStage Newsonline—Nigeria’s Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has urged the National Assembly to make laws that would uphold party supremacy in the country, as the lawmakers commence the amendment of the Constitution and the Electoral Act preparatory to the 2019 general elections.

National chairman of IPAC, Muhammad Nalado, who stated this in a statement he issued in Abuja argued that upholding party supremacy is the only way to ensure that those elected on platforms of various parties implement the manifestos for which the electorates voted them into political offices.

He regretted that most of the political leaders elected on the platforms of various political parties are disconnected with the manifestos of their parties, even as he challenged them to be aware that implementing their party manifesto is the covenant they had with the voters that elected them.

Hon. Nalado, who doubles as the chairman of the Accord Party, also urged elected political leaders to always submit to the leadership of their parties, adding that leadership of political parties are in better positions to ensure that those elected on their party platforms works based on the manifestos of the party.

He urged elected party politicians to obey their party leaders, describing party leaders as the conscience of their various parties. He commended at this point the political party chairmen in Nigeria for their contributions and efforts to stabilize Nigeria's democracy.

Reacting also to the crisis over the medical leave recently embarked on by President Mohammadu Buhari, which had generated speculations among Nigerian, the IPAC chairman advised Nigerians against making unguarded comments over the matter, saying that all hands should be on deck to ensure that the current peace in the country is sustained.

He said every human being is bound to fall sick at one point or the other, adding that there is nothing for Nigerians to be worried about over the medical leave of the President, pointing out that the President should be commended for following the constitutional process of seeking medical leave and extension of the leave than taking the law into his own hands.

Hon. Nalado, who emphasized that the President will return in due time after he has been cleared by his medical doctors in London, charged Nigerians to pray for his quick recovery rather than politicizing the President's constitutional entitlement to a medical leave.

He further cautioned politicians against seeking to capitalize on the issue to create political crisis and confusion in the country, just as he reminded them that such unnecessary insinuations about the President's health are capable of throwing the country into confusion and anarchy.

The IPAC boss however enjoined the Nigerian politicians to rally round the President in this trying time to ensure that Nigeria's democracy is not put at dangers, adding that the President Buhari is working hard to put measures in place to ensure that sustainable legacies are built in the country's economic and political sectors.

To this end, Nalado advocated for total calm among Nigerians, even as he described the insinuations against the President as unfounded speculation which are based solely on the biases of those peddling the rumors.

Nevertheless, he noted the absence of the President has not in any way impeded governance, saying that the country is progressing effectively, hence there is no need for politicians to foment crisis based on the medical leave of the President.

Meanwhile, the IPAC chairman had also warned those protesting both in support and against the present government to do so within the ambit of the law, pointing out that any reckless and violent action can degenerate into full blown political crisis which will not serve the interest of both the government and opposition.

He rather urged Nigerians to be patient with the government as it stride to improve the economic wellbeing of Nigerians, just as he argued that to move the country out of its present state of economic recession calls for sacrifice and tolerance among the citizens.

He therefore commended the acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, for his maturity and courage in coming to address the protesters, describing it as a good attribute of a good leader. In addition, he commended him in all his efforts to hold fort for the President who is on medical vacation, especially with regards to resolving the pressures of recession in the country. 

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